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Forensic Tools

AccessData Digital Investigations Training is designed to educate forensic professionals and incident responders in the latest technology and prepare them with innovative ideas and workflows to improve and strengthen their skills in identifying, responding, investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating cases. The Digital Investigations Training program consists of Live In-Person and Live On-Line technology training courses that will improve how professionals use AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit®, AD Enterprise and AD Lab collaborative technologies.

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AccessData training methods, materials and personnel are respected and regarded worldwide as premier class in delivery and results. Since 2004, more than 50,000 public and private sector students have participated in over 6,000 AccessData Training events around the world. AccessData curriculum exists to build practitioner knowledge from a beginner to advanced levels, culminating with industry-standard certifications relative to role and capability, including certified users in 50+ countries worldwide.

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QBlaze - On Demand

Forensic Certifications

AccessData Certified Quin-C Investigator

Forensic Tools - Learning Pass Lite. On Demand Edition

Blended On-Demand and Instructor Led Online Training - Learning Passes

This category contains the various learning passes associated with Instructor Led Training.

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FTK Central

Forensic Tools - On-Demand

On Demand training courses for AccessData's Forensic Tools. This includes FTK, FTK Imager, Registry Viewer, and Password Recovery Toolkit.

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Summation Certification

Legal Solutions

AccessData Legal Solutions Training provides the most comprehensive training available to help you leverage technology to efficiently collect, review and produce documentation at any stage of your litigation. As expert trainers, it is our primary goal to provide consultation, assessment, implementation and follow-up throughout the entire education process.

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eDiscovery Certification


Legacy Software - On-Demand

Academic Program

This section contains courses/material for the Academic Program only.

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