Forensic Toolkit Administration and Setup

Forensic Toolkit Administration and Setup


Forensic Toolkit Administration and Setup is an On-Demand course which shows the features and processes available to FTK users when configuring FTK's database and cases. This course will cover user administration, an overview of case processing options, case evidence refinement, and more.


40 minutes


This on-demand video covers the features and process of managing the case database in AccessData's Forensic Toolkit. This video covers user and user group admin, user roles, and the database management function within the Case Database Manager window.
This video course covers a basic overview the features found within the Evidence Processing window.
This on-demand video learning covers the expansion options available to the user in AccessData's Forensic Toolkit. Expansion options provide another level of analysis for the examiner to use when processing evidence. A user can choose which types of evidence are probable to be of most value and focus the processing power of FTK on those files.
This on-demand video covers the features of the case refinement features within Forensic Toolkit.
This video instructs the user on how to manage user created processing profiles within FTK.
The FTK Case Creation video covers the process and features associated with creating a case in FTK.
This video covers the functions and features of importing and managing the forensic images and evidence files being loaded into Forensic Toolkit.
Manage Processing Jobs is a short on-demand video showing the user how to view and manage the processing job currently active within AccessData's Forensic Toolkit.
Recover Processing Jobs is a short on-demand video showing users how to recover processing jobs that may have stopped before completion when using AccessData's Forensic Toolkit.
This on-demand video gives an overview of the AccessData License Manager. The License Manager allows the user to update the licenses associated with AccessData products. These updates may be because of end of pre-determined service, or an update to the license for added features or software.