Forensic Toolkit Interface Introduction

Forensic Toolkit Interface Introduction


This course is designed to introduce the user to AccessData's Forensic Toolkit (FTK) interface. FTK has the ability to show the user a lot of information about the evidence they are analyzing, understanding how to navigate the interface and customize it to your needs is important to making the investigator the most effective they can be.


This course includes videos that will introduce the user to the tab interface within AccessData's Forensic Toolkit. Tabs are the primary way in which data is organized and these tabs can be customized to fit the users needs. This course also covers column creation and customization. Columns display the various types of information related to files and directories. Many times FTK will parse out more data than may be needed for any one investigation. Customizing your columns for a file type, or investigation type will help the investigator get to what is important quicker. Once evidence is found, marking that evidence for later viewing, or reporting is important. This course contains a walk through of creating labels and bookmarks.


1 minute


This video will introduce the viewer to the basics of AccessData's Forensic Toolkit's tab based interface.
AccessData's Forensic Toolkit's user interface can be customized to fit the preferences of any investigator. This video will walk the viewer through the process of customizing the different panes, tabs, and columns when working a case, and saving those changes for future cases.
AccessData's Forensic Toolkit allows the user to set the time zone translation settings which will be displayed to the user for both examination and reporting. This video will cover how to obtain the correct timezone of the evidence, and then how to set that time zone in the interface.
This video covers the features related to the creation and management of columns in AccessData's Forensic Toolkit. Columns are used to view and organize the various types of information and attributes associated with parsed files.
This video instructs the user on managing columns within AccessData's Forensic Toolkit Case Manager window. The Case Manager window allows columns to be created and shared across all cases stored wtihin the database.
This video covers the basics of creating and using Labels in AccessData's Forensic Toolkit.
This video covers the creation of Labels in FTK using the Case Manager window. Creating Labels in the case manager window allows Labels to easily be shared between cases connected to the same database.
Creating Bookmarks is an important part of any investigation using AccessData's Forensic Toolkit. This video will cover the features and processes necessary to create those Bookmarks which help investigators organize and report their findings.