AccessData Summation Certified Administrator (SCA)

AccessData Summation Certified Administrator (SCA)


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The AccessData Summation Certified Administrator (SCA) certification demonstrates a user's understanding of the requisite tools needed to administer AD Summation® at a global level. Although there are no prerequisites, SCA candidates will benefit from taking the Summation Administration course as a foundation.


All questions are multiple choice, true/false, or multiple select. For multiple select questions (those requiring more than one answer), you will see "Choose all that apply" following the question.

You have two attempts to pass this exam with a 80% or higher. If you do not pass your second attempt, you must wait 1 year, or take the Summation Administration course prior to re-taking the exam.

Your results will be calculated on the final page of this exam, after you click ‘Save and Finish’ as well as emailed to you.

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