Advanced SQLite and Database Analysis

Advanced SQLite and Database Analysis

Advanced SQLite and Database Analysis


This course is free for any Learning Pass holders Advanced SQLite and Database Analysis - Query Writing takes a deep dive into SQLite query writing. Attendees will spend three days learning to write SQLiite queries which allow the examiner to retrieve the information they need, in the format they need. The course will start with the basics, and build on those skills to write more advanced queries. If you are interested in taking this course, look into our different Forensic Learning Pass options to get this class and much more.


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This three-day course is free to Learning Pass Holders, and will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to write and format SQLite Queries to get the most from their investigations. Whether you are trying to get data out of an unsupported (unparsed) databased, or need the data in a different format, writing queries can help you tell the story found within your evidence.

The course will cover the basic structure and requirements of SQLite Queries, then builds on that foundation by allowing students to get hands on doing the following:

  • Convert dates and times to a readable format
  • Custom format data
  • Filter data
  • Sort data
  • Group data to create analytics based on the information found in a database.
  • Combine SQLite query output with Microsoft Excel to create visual tables that represent your data and tell a story.
  • …Much more!


3 Days

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